My "Make Sense" Journal

for a Sensical Society



Common Sense is not so common. That's why I created My "Make Sense" Journal for a Sensical Society.  It's a place, a process, and an exercise, where I work through simple and complex issues and try to ‘make sense’ of things... for a better world for everyone.

What is a Sensical Society? It's a society that makes sense. It's a happy, healthy, robust, and resilient society for all concerned. It's a society that seriously prepares us for any challenges that may come our way. It's a place where we use logic, do research, question everything, experiment, work with others, honor our instincts, make up our own mind, but always keep an open mind. It's a society where the core community values are:

  • make sense for the common good
  • be as locally self-reliant as possible
  • protect public health & the planet
  • actively engage in civic affairs

For too long we’ve been told to 'make money', not sense. We’ve stopped thinking for ourselves and questioning what's going on. Instead, we have trusted in authority figures and institutions to advise and guide us. But, that hasn't worked. We have sold out our personal, local, and national integrity to big money interests, and now  we are so dependent on imported goods and services, that we've sacrificed our jobs, our freedom, and our happiness in the process.

It's time to face facts and change course. We need to take charge of our lives and our communities, so that we can not only survive, but thrive.

That's why I began My "Make Sense" Journal. It's my effort (after living 70 years on this planet), to help others (and myself) sort out what makes sense and what does not, for the benefit of everyone. This is a living document - a work always in progress. Some issues are pretty straightforward, while others have no easy answers. But I keep trying.

I hope My "Make Sense" Journal inspires you to keep trying as well, which is why you're invited to visit this website, join our Meetup, and create a 'Make Sense Journal' of your own. No one has all the answers. It takes a community-wide effort to support a Sensical Society.

Our Meetup includes local civic meetings in Philadelphia, as well as meetups to discuss issues and learn more about local self-reliance and other "Sensical" subjects.

So, let’s get started. First, go to the Make Sense Basics link on the right. It’s where I offer some ‘common sense’ advice on ways to build a solid foundation for your own life. Below that is the Issues link to a wide variety of subjects that I've researched and thought about for many years. I'll be editing and/or adding more thoughts to that list as time goes by. Below that are links to several of my websites and meetups, some of which I've had for many years.

Life is a endless learning process in which we must wisely and actively engage if we are to live in a happy, healthy, robust, and resilient society. Let's do our part to 'make sense' for a Sensical Society! 

Lynn Landes, Founder
Philadelphia, PA


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