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The Sensical Society

a non-nonsensical approach to life

Get Together, Learn Stuff, Have Fun

Welcome to the newly-founded Sensical Society (Jan 2021)! Who are we? We're like a 'scout troop' for adults.  We encourage open discussion, civic involvement, local self-reliance, and having fun! We also engage in 'skills share' that range from survival skills to computer skills, or whatever your members want to learn to do.

I've long felt that there is a real need for a group like this. The Sensical Society is about bringing people together and talking things over and trying to 'make sense' of things, but not necessarily agreeing with each other. Our meetings are also an opportunity for people to learn skills that schools just don't teach.

We have no hard and fast rules for our meetings, but we do strongly suggest TIPS & TOPICS,which includes monthly suggested topics for discussion. Or you could use the whole meeting for skills share only. That's up to you.

And instead of having a 'manual' like the regular scouts do (which we might one day), we recommend that our members create their own personal NOTEBOOK, where they can document their own story, opinions, and any other information they would like to keep on hand for themselves, or to share with others. I'm finding that my new NOTEBOOK helps keep me better organized and focused. You're welcome to read it (although it's a bit of a mess). If you want us to post your NOTEBOOK on this website send us a link.

We are launching our first Sensical Society in Philadelphia. We hope that you start one in your own neighborhood or town (ex:The Sensical Society of Smithville, KS). We will be happy to post your group's contact information on our website.

That's it for now! Contact me if you want to join the Philly group or with any questions or feedback. We'll be starting on social media soon and hope to be hosting some online meetings in the near future. So stay tuned! And thank you for visiting The Sensical Society!


 Lynn Landes, Founder
 Philadelphia, PA   

P.S. The Sensical Society is not aligned with any political party, religion, or ideology.