1st hour: news (including city hall, state, federal, and global) & free discussion
2nd hour: skills share (see below) & fun (line dance, singing, darts, cornhole, etc.)

MONTHLY TOPICS: This list can also be used to organize your NOTEBOOK.

JAN: Life Skills, Manners, & More
FEB: Local Self-Reliance, DIY, and Made In America
MAR: Good Health, Bad Toxins, & The Environment
APR: Money & Society
MAY: News, Social Media, Big Tech
JUN: Beautiful Towns & Lovely Countryside
JUL: National Defense & Universal Service
AUG: Travel, Recreation, & Sports
SEP: Education, Knowledge, & Skills
OCT: Conspiracies & The Supernatural
NOV: Government & Democracy
DEC: The Arts & Inspiration



- Contact if you want her to post your group and contact information (contact name, email/phone, city, state, country)
- All members of any group should share their phone/cell numbers and addresses just in case the Internet goes down.
- Your group can be as big or small as you like, just keep in mind that many people have small houses. Between 10 and 20 is may be a good number.
- You can create your own website and have people contact you directly, or use social media; however some social media censor their members.
- Your group can be set up as a 'meetup', where the 'organizer' runs the show; or you can run it as an organization with a president and board of directors.
- Your group can be private or public, plus the make-up can be mixed, all women, all men, under 50, over 50, etc.
- Your group may want to schedule additional meetings for special events, topics, and activities.
- If you want to charge a fee, that's up to the organizer or organization.
- How to prevent someone from always dominating the conversation?  Option, use a talking stick to limit how long any one person can talk at one time,
- How to handle difficult personalities? This is meant to be an enjoyable experience. You can remove them from the group if necessary. They can always start their own.